San Diego Homeowners

Get Up To 5 Cash Offers In 3 Minutes*

Without Listing Your Home

*Conditions apply. Not all Properties Qualify.
George Lorimer, ProWest Properties, DRE#01146839

San Diego Homeowners - This is a game-changer if you consider selling your home!


You are not obligated to sell; you don’t have to list your home. However, it will give you more options when you are ready. 

Get multiple cash offers on your home. They range from a straight cash offer to a buy-sell scenario and a leaseback- sell, then stay in your home and rent it back. 

And, of course, there's always the traditional sale option. You put your home on the open market and MLS. We’ve helped over 1000 San Diego homeowners sell this way.  

But times change, and people like you want more options for the most money and convenience. DOWNLOAD CHEAT SHEET

Know all your options when selling. Visit our site to check them out.*

Call/text me if I can help or if you want me to upload it for you. There’s no obligation to sell. 

George Lorimer

Get a Cash Offer at an Acceptable Price! *

DRE# 01146839, ProWest Properties, Conditions apply. Not all properties qualify.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How is this better than other home-selling options?
Comparing it to Other Investor Cash Offers or a Traditional Sale 

If I don’t like any of the offers is there a way to improve them or sell for more? 

Yes, if you don’t get offers you like, you can upload photos of the home that opens the doors to more buyers and offers. I can help you if you’re not a techie; George, at 619-846-1244. Additionally, we can talk about selling it on the open market to maximize the sales price. 

-Innovative Options, Experience, and Flexible Fees –

From Do-It-Yourself to Full-Service

George Lorimer at 619-846-1244, ProWest Properties, DRE# 01146839, *Conditions apply. Not all properties qualify.