Should YOU Sell on the MLS or a CASH OFFER from an Investor?

What Are the Problems, Misconceptions, and Solutions?
George Lorimer at

Here’s the problem - homeowners take CASH OFFERS from Investors, thinking it’s a good deal at the time, only later to realize they undersold their home and left $100,000 or more on the table.

Warning – it’s too late once you take the Investor offer.  

Investors do this daily - all the offers’ terms favor them, NOT YOU!

The CASH OFFER Investor is very persuasive because they stand to make six figures, $100K, off of you, so they’re very assertive or even pushy.

The big problem for you is there’s no upside potential selling directly to CASH BUYER / Investor.

Here’s what I mean: when you list your home with me, you get on the MLS, and 20,000+ agents are working to show and sell your home, and 80% of the time, I get multiple offers, which means buyers are competing for your home and bidding up your home price.

To get Full Market Value, you need exposure to the MLS and Marketing from an agent who knows the game. That’s Me.  

You make less money taking an Investor CASH OFFER versus MLS – Open Market Sale. Not a $10,000 or $20,0000 difference, over a $100,000 difference.  

Aren’t those numbers staggering? You’ll make 10%-20% more money working with me. On a $900,000 home, that is $90,000 to $180,000 more, even if your home is a fixer or has a tenant.

A real Example of a Client who Made $103,168 by refusing a CASH OFFER and Listing with George Lorimer

Sell With George Lorimer on MLS/Open Market $553,000 Owner Nets $521,105

Investor Cash Offer Price $417,937 Owner Net $417,937

The difference is $103,168

It Took 14 Days to Find the Buyer

If you need a cash offer, I have a guaranteed sale program. It is superior to other cash offers because you can always take the highest offer on the open market and are never obligated to take our cash offer. It is an insurance policy, so you can buy your new home and don't have two mortgages. 

Do you see the irony?
When the investor buys your home, they buy it off-market to get the lowest price, and when they sell, they have it on the MLS / Open Market to make the most money.

Why don’t you do the same thing and net the most money when you sell by working with me?   

On average, we find buyers in under 14 days. 
You think the Investor CASH OFFER is a SURE THING, but that's not true. They still have a GC – General Contractor inspect it and could re-trade – renegotiate the price lower because of needed repairs.

You think the Investor has the cash to close; many times, they get a private money loan even though they tell you it's cash. 

The person you're dealing with may not be the buyer. They may assign it to another buyer and get a $50,000 wholesale fee, and the second Investor may not be so agreeable. 


If you need a CASH OFFER because you need the money quickly or you’re looking to buy another home and can't wait, call me at 619-846-1244. My Trade-In Program is superior because you get MLS Open Market Exposure with the Certainty of a Cash Offer as a backup.
  • You always take the highest offer; I never take your equity, just a typical commission at the close of escrow.
  • You can also Get Paid Twice When Selling Your Home.
  • 80% of Your Equity in 10 Days.*
  • 20% of Your Equity when it sells to the end buyer.*
  • Ex- If it sells $100,000 over your asking price, you keep the $100,000 minus commission and selling expenses.
To get a side-by-side comparison of MLS / Open Market Price versus CASH OFFER Investor, call/text George at 619-846-1244.

CASH OFFER by Investor

❌ Lowball Price

❌  You are bound by contract. The Investor has weasel clauses to get out.

❌  The GC - general contractor inspects it, and they re-trade the price lower.

❌ They could assign your contract to another investor so the buyer changes mid-escrow.

❌ You see when they resell your home, get sick, and realize all the money you lost.


George Lorimer's Strategic Home Sale*

✅ Certainty - Your Home Will Be Sold Guaranteed, or We'll Buy It!*

✅  Easy Exit Listing - you're happy, and I'm doing my job, or you fire me and pay nothing.

✅  Your Home Gets Maximum Marketing MLS - 80% of the time Multiple Offers / Bidding War

✅  1% Commission Option*. You find an unrepresented buyer, and I do the paperwork.

If your home overbids $100K, you keep all the profit minus typical commission and expenses.
*Conditions apply. George and the seller are to agree to the guaranteed sale price and the occupancy date at the time of listing. George Lorimer, ProWest Properties, DRE# 01146839, 619-846-1244. 2234 Third Ave, San Diego, CA 92101,