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What to Do Now to Ensure Your Home Sells This Time!

If your home was on the market and didn’t sell, you know how frustrating that can be. It may not even be your property. It could be staging/condition, marketing, showing availability, or even market conditions.
I know many agents seem the same, promise a lot, and don’t end up producing.
I Guarantee to Sell Your Home at Your Price, or I’ll Pay You the Difference! *
If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can cancel the listing and pay nothing.
Also, I have a unique TRADE-IN PROGRAM that will give you a Bonafede cash offer upfront so you can buy your next home and be a non-contingent buyer.
But the best part is when I find you a higher offer on the open market, you can take that offer instead, so you ALWAYS net the most money.
It’s different from other Cash Offers/Investors because they lowball you. My TRADE-IN PROGRAM is geared to move you to your next home and make you the most money!

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1101 Britem Ct., Vista CA - SOLD BY GEORGE LORIMER

The previous agent didn't sell it and brought a lowball offer with repairs. The seller didn't want to go this route.

He called George to use his 1000 homes sold marketing plan. The other agent didn't sell it at $774,000,

George sold it in 4 days for $831,000. That's $57,000 more than the other agent. 

He was an out-of-town owner who inherited the home, and we watched over the house, cleaned it up, and SOLD it!

Again $57,000 more in the seller's pocket!

The previous agent attempted to sell this home for 93 days unsuccessfully. They didn't set the initial price right and reduced it by $150,000, and it still didn't sell. 

George Listed it and SOLD it for $1,900,000, which was slightly over the asking price in 7 days!

Some changes are getting the right price from the beginning, creating an auction effect, and a bidding war on the home. 

Additionally, we have in-depth market knowledge of the area and schools, drone photography, virtual staging of a vacant room, and recommendations on replacing the carpet and refreshing the home. 

13322 Trailhead Pl, San Diego, CA - SOLD BY GEORGE LORIMER
561 S. Sierra #31, Solana Beach, CA - SOLD BY GEORGE LORIMER

The previous agent tried to sell it for 77 days but was unsuccessful, even with a $100,000 price reduction.

George used his Create a Bidding War Strategy, listing it for $1,500,000 to $1750,000, and SOLD it for $1,710,000 in 10 days! 

Then, he helped the client buy a new home and moved right into it. It is located in Coastal San Diego.

Then George got their offer accepted on a new home in Carlsbad with Multiple Offers. They didn’t have to be a contingent buyer because of my TRADE-IN PROGRAM.  No renting nor moving twice.

I can help you sell your home that was previously listed for sale or avoid months of hassle and hire me today. Over 1000 successful San Diego home sales and a flexible plan to give you the right outcome. 

  • Flexible fees from DIY to Full-Service

  • Commission / Fees Start at 1%

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or Cancel the Listing and Pay Nothing!

  • Maximum Marketing & Sell for Top Dollar

  • No Big Team Hassle / Work with George Lorimer directly

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