What to DISCLOSE When Selling Your San Diego Home!

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Listing Traditionally "the Old Way"

❌  You are a contingent buyer. You keep losing homes to non-contingent or cash buyers.
❌  Only MLS Homes. Your only source of homes is the picked-over MLS inventory. You keep losing bidding wars because there are too few homes and buyers.
❌  You move multiple times. You finally sell your current home, move into a rental, and hope you find a new home before prices increase even more.
❌  Uncertainty about your home selling and the price. You're still determining if your home will sell and for what price.

George Lorimer's Trade-in Program

✅  You become a Cash Buyer even though your equity comes from your home. You win the home
✅  Unlisted, Off-Market, & MLS Homes. More selection of homes to buy that match what you're looking for. My Target Marketing and VIP Home Finder Service provides more options.
✅  You Move Only Once. You are already settled in your new home before we sell your current home.
✅  Certainty about your home selling and the price. We provide you with an upfront written price guarantee. You get Full Market Value, no lowball investor price. 

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*Conditions apply. George and the Seller to agree on the price and the occupancy date at the listing time. ProWest Properties, DRE# 01146839