How My Home Trade-In Solves Your Two Biggest Problems!

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Here are the two biggest challenges for San Diego homeowners looking to buy and sell at the same time. 

The first challenge is that few homes are available for sale, and it's ultra-competitive. Home sellers usually don't accept CONTINGENT OFFERS (they won't wait for you to sell your home to buy theirs). My Trade-in program solves this because you'll have a standing offer in your back pocket to buy the home as a NON-CONTINGENT BUYER. 

The chances are, our investor partner will front you the money to find your new home, and then we will sell yours on the open market once you're settled. With my assistance, you'll buy your dream home and sell yours for top dollar. 

The second challenge homeowners face is that if they get an investor offer, the investor will give them a low-ball price, probably 80% of the value. For example, for a home worth $1,000,000, the other investors offer $800,000. In contrast, our offers average 101% asking price, so the $1,000,000 would sell for $1,010,000. That is $210,000 more than you'll make with George Lorimer's Trade-In Program. After paying commissions and escrow fees, you make $160,000 more in your pocket. 

Taking the other investors' CASH OFFER is a bad idea because the Investor's goal is to get your equity; our goal is to sell your home for the highest price and get you moved to your new home. We allow you to cancel the Trade-In Program until you close escrow*. Investor and Cash Offers are not flexible like that. 

Here are the two big benefits: 

  • It makes you a Non-Contingent Buyer.

  • You get Full Market Value for your home, not a lowball investor offer.

You buy your new home first, then sell your current one after settling. You only move once.

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