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or I'll Pay You The Difference!* 

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If your home sells for more, do you keep the profit?
Yes, if your home sells for more than the agreed price, you (the owner) keep it.

What happens if your home sells for less than the agreed-upon price in writing?
If it sells for less, George will pay you until all the listing commission is gone. You are still responsible for the buyer's agent fee. 

How much do you charge?
George has flexible fees from do-it-yourself to full service, starting at 1%.
With two agents involved and an MLS coop, the commissions range from 3.75%-6%; you choose the service option you want. 

What if you are unhappy with the service, your plans change, or it's not selling?
It is 100% guaranteed; if you are unhappy or decide not to sell, you can cancel the listing and pay nothing.

What kind of experience does George Lorimer have? 
Over 1200 Successful San Diego home sales. In contrast, the average San Diego agent sells 3-4 homes annually. In the big teams, you get some random team member who doesn't have the experience of the team leader. George chooses a business where you get high-level service and personalized attention. 

Do you work for a company, and do you have a team?
Yes, the company is ProWest Properties, located in San Diego. George has a small team, so you often work with him directly, with the assistance of experienced individuals who serve you at a high level. We have chosen to go local on ownership and services so that we support San Diego families and are more flexible to serve our customers. 

Can I rely on George?
Yes, George has been doing this for 25 years, helping people buy and sell successfully. Judge him by the results, track records, and guarantees. George is from San Diego. He grew up in Del Mar, graduated from UCSD, and received a Master's in Business Administration from SDSU. He is married to Lynn, a school teacher at Del Sur Elementary. They have been married for over 20+ years, and I have two beautiful daughters, Caleigh and Becca. He has his roots in San Diego, and he's not going anywhere. 

Your home will be sold guaranteed, or we will buy it!* How does this work, and what conditions apply? 
If you want to guarantee that your home sells, you let George know at the listing time, and he will get you a written cash offer that you will have in your back pocket. That way, when you find a home, you won't have to make a "CONTINGENT OFFER." It is superior to Cash Buyers or investor offers because you can always take the highest offer. The Cash Offer is a security measure in the unlikely event that your home doesn't sell. You know you can count on this.  

If you think we might be a good fit, call or text me to call at 619-846-1244

*Reasonable conditions apply. George and the Seller must agree on the asking price and occupancy date at the time of listing.