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Listing Traditionally "the Old Way"

❌  You list your home and hope it sells. 
❌  You have to clean, paint, declutter, and repair items in your home. 
❌  You deal with flaky buyers, inconvenient showings, and open houses.  
❌  Uncertainty about your home selling and the price. You're still determining if your home will sell and for what price.

George Lorimer's Cash Offer Program

✅  You get a Free, No-obligation Cash Offer. 
✅  AS-IS Condition, No Repairs
✅  Flexible Closing Date and Occupancy
✅  Certainty about your home selling and the price. We provide you with an upfront written price guarantee from Investor. 

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*Conditions apply. The cash offer is subject to available funds, review of title, and the condition of the property. George and Seller to agree on the price and the occupancy. DRE# 01146839